Ways for Parents to Engage


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Saint Raphael Catholic School; we couldn’t distribute hot lunches daily to students, or process library books, or put on our biggest fundraiser every year without the generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure from our parents and grandparents. It takes everyone to pitch-in throughout the year to make the difference for their Guardians at a level that exceeds everyone’s expectations. We know the adage, you get out what you put into it, and it resonates with everyone at SRCS through our volunteers. In order to sustain the highest quality of every student’s experience at Saint Raphael, we must continually rely on the selfless dedication of our volunteers, and for that we are truly grateful.

Home and School Association

The Home and School Association is SRCS’s version of a PTA. It is a committee of school parents who actively involve the Guardian, parish, and preschool community with holiday events, social gatherings, and family engagements.

Athletic Booster Club

Our Athletic Booster Club supports our developmental, club, and competitive sports programs. We offer K-5 basketball, K-5 soccer, girls’ and boys’ soccer, girls’ and boys’ basketball, volleyball, baseball, cross country, and running club. For our competitive teams in the middle school years, we schedule try-outs for junior varsity and varsity level teams. Our basketball teams participate in the North Carolina Catholic Schools Shamrock Tournament in Charlotte.

School Advisory Committee

The SRCS School Advisory Committee consists of current and alumni parents, our principal, assistant principal, advancement director, and the parish’s business manager. With our focus on charting the path to manage the growth of SRCS, steering its future, and sustaining its success, the members of the School Advisory Committee commit to two-year terms, or more, depending on the needs of the school. Meetings are held bimonthly with full reports and agendas to structure the progress.