The Ignatius Fund

The Ignatius Fund is the foundation for all giving and our first philanthropic priority. The fund, which replaces smaller, school-wide fundraisers, provides for the schools’ most immediate operating expenses.

With tuition covering 88% of the grade school’s and 95% of the preschool’s operating budgets, the Ignatius Fund is crucial for filling in the gap between tuition charged and the true cost of a
Saint Raphael education.

7 Benefits of Donating to the Ignatius Fund:

  • Invest in classroom technologies that improve learning and prepare our children to more effectively use the tools of tomorrow;
  • Keep premium Catholic education affordable so children from around the Triangle have the opportunity to excel in mind, body, and spirit;
  • Furnish important curriculum resources and specialized teacher positions that enrich our students;
  • Provide our dedicated faculty with professional development opportunities to ensure continued academic excellence;
  • Expand financial aid assistance;
  • Enhance facilities and grounds to ensure our campus is safe and attractive;
  • Impact the financial health and long-term stability of our schools.

Gifts to Saint Raphael Catholic School and Preschool can be made in a variety of ways. Please contact Advancement Officer Ellen Guarente (919.865.5757) for more information.

Thank you for supporting Saint Raphael Catholic School and Preschool through a gift to the Ignatius Fund.