The Ignatius Fund

Ignatius Fund Chairs
Shailesh & Maureen Maingi

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Madeline ’04, Abe ’06, Emily ’10, Spencer ’13, AnnaMarie ’22, Maureen & Shailesh

“We are honored to be chairpersons for the 2017/2018 Ignatius Fund Campaign. We passionately believe that the Ignatius Fund does a fantastic job in supporting the needs of the school and look forward to a successful campaign. Thank you for your continued financial support and prayers!”

Ignatius Fund Chairs & Captains

The Ignatius Fund is the cornerstone of all school fundraising efforts and our first philanthropic priority. The fund, which replaces smaller, school-wide fundraisers, provides for the school’s most immediate operating expenses.

With tuition covering only 85% of the grade school’s and 95% of the preschool’s operating budgets, the Ignatius Fund is crucial for filling in the gap between tuition charged and the true cost to educate every child.

Every contribution to the Ignatius Fund directly impacts the lives of Saint Raphael Catholic School and Preschool students and faculty. Your support of the Ignatius Fund helps:

  • Keep premium Catholic education affordable to families without large yearly tuition increases;
  • Furnish curriculum resources, specialized teacher positions and cultural arts programs;
  • Supply upgrades and additions to computer and science labs, art and music programs;
  • Facilitate maintenance and enhancement of the school and grounds;
  • Provide a tax-deductible way to promote the benefits that Catholic education offers to children, families and society.

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Please check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gifts program. It’s an easy but significant way to double or even triple your donation. For a list of companies offering a matching gifts program, please click here.

Please contact Ellen Guarente, Advancement Officer, at 919.865.5757 or if you wish to make a contribution or to learn about the following ways to give:

  • Outright Gifts                   Annuities
  • Multi-year Pledges          Insurance Policies
  • Appreciated Securities    Gifts of Property
  • Trusts                              Bequests

Thank you for supporting Saint Raphael Catholic School and Preschool through a gift to the Ignatius Fund.