Music at Saint Raphael Catholic School offers the following:

    • Singing, individually and in groups, a variety of songs with a limited range.
    • Singing two-pitch (sol-mi) songs (e.g., nursery rhymes) by echo and ensemble.
    • Demonstrating expressive qualities of music, including loud/soft and fast/slow.
    • Playing a variety of instruments individually and in groups.
    • Demonstrating steady beat, using body percussion and instruments.
    • Performing rhythmic patterns that include sounds and silences, using voice, body percussion, and instruments.
    • Using movement to illustrate moods and contrast in music, stories, and poems.
    • Performing dances and games from various cultures.
    • Dramatizing songs, stories, and poems.

DSC_0746Extra-curricular music activities include: choir, The middle school chorus elective, an annual drama production through the drama club, talent show, piano keyboarding in the iMac lab, and opportunities for students to sing or play instruments during Mass.