The kindergarten program at Saint Raphael Catholic School focuses on the spiritual, social, physical, and cognitive growth of each child. The program is both individually and developmentally appropriate accommodating the different stages of development of the children enrolled in the program. This Christ-centered learning environment offers positive, caring, nurturing, and enthusiastic role models who respect young children and foster a positive self-concept in each child.

Curriculum Activities

Opportunities for active exploration of the environment are provided daily through hands-on manipulation of a wide variety of materials. Methods of instruction include whole group, small group, thematic, and integrated learning centers in the following subject areas: religion, math, language arts, science, social studies, dramatic play, art, music, movement, computer, writing, and listening in order to promote the development of the whole child.


Our Catholic faith is taught through age appropriate prayer experiences, teacher instruction, and attendance at mass. In addition, the students also participate in a variety of feast day celebrations. The Good News is conveyed in ways suited to various learning styles. Many creative activities are used to internalize faith messages which are related to everyday life.

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum provides the children with a systematic; explicit teaching of the sounds of spoken language; the names, shapes, and sounds of the letters of the alphabet; the relationship of spoken sounds to written letters; the blending of sounds into words, and the application of this knowledge to reading and writing.


Mathematical skills are developed through a wide range of activities. These skills include but are not limited to the following: rote and meaningful counting, numerical recognition, matching, sorting, patterning, graphing, telling time, measurement, money, and simple addition and subtraction.


The primary goal is to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students focus on the basic aspects of color, family, weather, time and much more. These themes are taught using many different types of materials such as flash cards, posters, music and children’s videos.