Slide37Allowing God to continue to create through every child is the core of the visual arts curriculum. The visual arts program  introduces the students to the elements and principles of design through work with a variety of techniques and media.

The main focus is to have the students learn how to evaluate, understand, and appreciate many styles of art, as well as be able to express themselves through their own art. We strive to bring out the creative self in each student.
Course Goals include:

  • • Develop critical and creative thinking
  • • Develop skills to understand and apply media and techniques
  • • Organize the components of a work into a cohesive piece of art
  • • Choose and evaluate a range of subject matter
  • • Understand visual arts in relation to history and culture
  • • Reflect upon and assess merits of their own work and the work of others
  • • Connect the visual arts curriculum with other courses of study in the classroom
  • • Integrate the use of technology in understanding and creating art

Extra-curricular activities include: the art club, the photography club, lunch-time drawing for middle school, prop-design and construction of sets for the drama club annual presentation, and our student-wide art exhibition.