Academic Support

The Reading Specialist and Middle School Intervention programs offered at St. Raphael are support systems put in place to help students K-8. These are unique programs that assist students in K-4 with all reading skills and 5-8 in the core subjects. The level and structure of the assistance for the students is based on their needs as recommended by the classroom teacher along with any additional information provided to the school.

The Reading Specialist covers the five components of reading with the students from K-4.

1. Phonological Awareness is the conscious awareness that speech is made up of individual segments: the word, the syllable, and the phoneme (sound).

2.Word Attack gives the students practice decoding words by applying phonics (spelling) rules.

3. Fluency is reading text accurately, at a good rate, with inflection and stopping at punctuation.

4. Vocabulary, research shows that as students increase vocabulary, they increase in fluency and comprehension.

5. Comprehension is the last component of reading that is highlighted. Once the sub-skills of PA, Word Attack, Fluency, and Vocabulary are consistently being successfully performed at the students’ developmental level, their comprehension is highly successful.

The Middle School Interventionist program is a support system put in place for students in grades 5-8. This program offers different levels of support, based on the needs of the students being served.

  • • Push-in support is given in both Math and Language Arts classes. This includes support for differentiated, small group, and co-teaching instruction.
  • • The Middle School Resource position also provides assistance with accommodations and modifications provided for students.
  • • A morning and afternoon resource program is available for students. This is a time for assistance with organization, planning, and homework assistance.