6th Grade

All students attend religion, language arts, science, and one of the two levels of math offered. Students take Spanish as their foreign language. Students also attend physical education twice per week and art and music once per week. Wednesday is Mass day, where the entire school enjoys worship and prayer together.


Students study the Old Testament to increase knowledge of their Catholic faith; to show evidence of God’s merciful love throughout salvation history; and to illustrate how Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises. We work toward nurturing a deeper relationship with Christ through liturgy, worship, and expose students to different types of prayer and Ignatian spirituality. Ultimately, we encourage students to serve others as Christ calls us to do.

Language Arts

The middle school language arts program offers a continuum of curriculum to both challenge and enrich each student’s middle school experience. Students study a broad scope of writing, grammar, and literature with a focus on the essay and research paper. Students are introduced to novel study through “the seminar”.  Students study short stories, poetry, and Greek Mythology.


There are two math options for students in sixth grade math. Student placement is be determined by previous year classroom grade, standardized testing scores, and score on placement test as well as teacher recommendation.

Math 6.0
During this course students review and prove mastery in all operations with decimals and fractions. Students begin work with integers including all operations, the coordinate plane and algebraic equations. Students work with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving perimeter, area, surface area, and volume. We continue to develop an understanding of statistical thinking. Ratio, rate and proportional thinking is connected throughout the year.

Math 6.1
This is an advanced class which in addition to the Math 6.0 curriculum above, expands students work to include rational numbers in basic operation, equations and geometry. Students apply their proportional thinking to solve problems involving scale drawings. Students learn how to use and apply the Pythagorean Theorem. Finally, students explore the probability of simple and compound events based on samples.


Sixth grade science is an engaging, interactive class immersing students in scientific skills and concepts. Three major branches of science are covered including physical, earth and life science. Physical science includes the topics of energy, waves and properties of matter. Earth science includes teachings on space as well as the structure and composition of the earth. Life science concepts include ecosystems and plants. Scientific skills are incorporated throughout the year with an emphasis on the scientific method through labs, hands on activities, projects and student presentations. All  students design, complete and present their own science fair projects.

Social Studies

Students examine social, economic, and political institutions and think about similarities and differences among societies. Students draw on history and the social sciences, but the primary discipline of 6th grade social studies is geography, especially cultural geography. Students focus on the regions of Europe and South America. We work on an integrated group project in cooperation with our Spanish classwork, when we study Spain.