5th Grade


Students gain a deeper understanding of the their Catholic faith, while forming a stronger personal connection with God. Lessons focus on Mary, the saints, the liturgical calendar, and traditional prayers.


Students use higher order thinking skills to read books that are self or teacher selected. Lessons focus on comprehension and articulation of the meaning of text read.


Students utilize their skills to write in a variety of genres including narrative, expository, and research.


We use Wordly Wise as our resource. Weekly spelling lists are learned.  Spelling rules are reinforced and applied to written work.


Students gain knowledge solving problems with increasing difficulty. Lessons include focus on multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and word problems.


Lessons are focused on living things classification and the ecosystems they live in, the human body, weather, matter and energy, simple machines, and the introduction of the periodic table. Students learn the scientific method by participating in hands-on laboratory experiences and the science fair.

Social Studies

Students learn about the Americas from prehistoric times through the reconstruction era following the Civil War.


Students learn to listen, speak, read and write in a more advanced stage. Students will focus their oral and written expression on the incorporation of grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Students will be taught the Hispanic culture through videos, celebrations and presentations.