2nd Grade


Students prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. The children learn of the power of God’s love through the study of the Ten Commandments, the Mass, and a focus on God’s unending love and forgiveness.


Using various forms of literature, second graders apply numerous strategies for understanding both fiction and nonfiction texts including main idea, details, making inferences, sequencing, drawing conclusions, predicting, summarizing, cause and effect, fact and opinion, and point of view.


While applying prior knowledge and learning more complex phonics skills, we work to increase fluency and word recognition.


Second graders demonstrate a command of the conventions of English through writing and speaking. Students participate in activities such as group discussions, oral presentations, narrative writing, and opinion writing.


Second graders review the correct method of writing manuscript letters and numbers. The children are introduced to cursive writing.


Second grade focuses on expanding the understanding of the base ten system, fluency with addition and subtraction facts, measurement and analyzation of shapes. In addition, students learn to show information with graphs, two-and three-digit addition and subtraction, practice with time and money, and have an introduction to fractions, multiplication, and division.


In life science, the focus is on the environment and life cycles. In earth science, we focus on weather. In physical science, we focus on sound, vibration, and matter.

Social Studies

Second graders focus on community, family, and good citizenship. They discover the importance of our government’s role in our community, the impact of geography in our lives, and their importance in the taking care of the environment.


The primary goal is to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students focus on the basic aspects of color, family, weather, time and much more. These themes are taught using many different types of materials such as flash cards, posters, music and children’s videos.