An impressive collegiate resume, exciting career and recent marriage are just some of the things Jessica Pritchett Clendenin has accomplished since her years at SRCS.

When did you graduate from Saint Raphael?

I graduated in 2004.

Jessica PritchettWhere did you attend high school and college?

High School: Sanderson High School
College: NC State University

What are your degrees in and what are you currently doing?Jessica Pritchett_2

My degrees from NC State are in Animal Science and Poultry Science. I’m currently an Applied BioResearch Associate II for an animal health company called Zoetis.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My greatest accomplishment to date is graduating from college Magna Cum Laude with two degrees in four years.

How did Saint Raphael prepare you for high school and college?

SRCS prepared me both academically and socially for my future educational endeavors. I left Saint Raphael with a solid educational background and had no problem jumping right in to the intimidating world of public high school.

Saint Raphael is also where my love for volleyball and basketball began, which I continued to play through high school, and still enjoy playing to date. With these seeds planted at Saint Raphael, I was eventually able to go to my first college choice, NC State.

What is your most memorable moment at Saint Raphael?

One of my most memorable moments was in 7th grade when I was on the first volleyball team and we won our very first match at St. Thomas Moore after a long season of learning and a little bit of struggling because none of us had ever played volleyball before. It was so exciting, and I think it was our only win that year, but it was worth it.Marcus and Jessica Clendenin, July 19 2014

Please feel free to provide any additional information you would like our readers to know about you.

A little bit about me currently, I got married in July 2014 and now live in Durham with my husband and our cat and dog.

posted August 17, 2015

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