Adventure of a Lifetime for Alumna and Peace Corp Volunteer Jessica Corley ‘04

Jessica CorleyTell us more about your volunteer work with the Peace Corp

Two years and a lengthy application process later, I was selected to serve as a healthcare volunteer in Belize. I was so excited to finally receive the official invitation! I began my 27-month commitment this summer where I entered the Community Based Training Program and live with a host family. After completing the program, I’ll serve in the Rural Family Healthcare Project which caters to areas of Belize that lack even the most basic healthcare needs. My duties will include assisting with maternal, neonatal and child health as well as noncommunicable disease education and prevention.

Do you have a background in healthcare?

I attended East Carolina University where I obtained a BS in Biological Sciences and a BA in Spanish. Throughout college, I volunteered as an EMT to gain hands-on medicalexperience since I had a definite interest in the healthcare field. Upon graduation in 2012, I accepted a position at a Raleigh-based company, focusing on medical device promotion.

How did your years at Saint Raphael Catholic School influence you?

Jessica Corley 2I can say without a doubt that SRCS helped mold me into the person I am today. My classmates and I were expected to assist within our community and beyond. It was at SRCS that I first learned the rewards of volunteering. Never did I realize all the doors that would open later in my life.

I look forward to seeing what the next two years bring during my time in Belize. If you would like to follow my adventures, please visit my blog:

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posted December 18, 2014