Former SRCS student Jean Ghosn arrived at Saint Raphael School unable to speak English. Today he’s a second-year medical student studying to become a vascular surgeon.

Jean Ghosn“When I first came to the United States (from Canada), I started first grade at Saint Raphael Catholic School. I distinctly remember my teacher, Mrs. Colopy, taking extra time out of her schedule to teach me English since I spoke French. With her assistance I was able to finish first grade with my class.

This care and devotion to teaching was demonstrated by each of my teachers until I moved to Arizona in sixth grade.Jean Ghosn youth

Saint Raphael Catholic School instilled in me a strong foundation in discipline, respect, and faith. I’m currently a second-year medical student at University of Texas at Houston Medical School, studying to become a vascular surgeon. I’m also serving as President of the Catholic Student Association.”

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posted Feb 17, 2015

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